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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Enter the Feudal English!

Among other things I have managed to complete (well about 98% complete) a new Feudal English army for DBA 3.0. I like the new list and it should be a fun little army to field. Of course I will have to find a suitable opponent for these little guys. I actually have tons of Feudal English models I have painted over the years (for Impetvs, DBM, etc.) so re-basing is about the only real challenge at the moment. I am debating if I want to use some of these models for a Feudal French army, or even Germans or Crusader. Hmmm... so many choices really since they all looked generally the same. We shall see.

The bulk of my new Feudal English army for DBA.
Another possibility is remounting some of these models for skirmish games (like Lion Rampant). I have been considering this for some time actually. Just have to figure how I want to mount the horse mounted knights as I like to use round washers for my models (they have a nice weight to them). I never use 'square" bases for skirmish gaming; it just doesn't look right. Hell, I refuse to use s"squares" for modern games as well (like Panzer Grenadier or Battlegroup). It some how just doesn't look right with all those pointy corners to my bases ;) Anyway...

Some of the remounted models waiting for a good flocking!
Note Henry III with the royal standard  on the right!

I should also have another BatRep for DBA soon as well. Perhaps I will end up trying out these Feudal English with the new 3.0 rules. Either that or more action with the Romans and Seleucids.

Various "camp" bases and extras  for my feudal armies. Note the Norman
bowmen near the wagon!
I am also considering what new armies I want to add to the mix. First up is probably a Gaul army and a Carthaginian army. Again, we shall see. I have tons of models laying around to choose from. However, I would like some armies that fit in with my Polybians and Seleucids. So these two armies make perfect sense.

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