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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Naval Project?

Hi everyone. Been a long while since I did an update here on the Wall of Shields. For one thing I had to shut the blog down for a while as I was attempting to re-organize all my blogs in to one. Didn't work out too well. So, here we are once again :) This time I will be keeping the blog separate from all my other blogs as I know a lot of people have more interest in ancients wargaming as opposed to my other interests, such as WW II.

Anyway, just ordered the newest Battle Mat from Cigar Box, Caribbean Waters, and it looks FANTASTIC! This of course is for a new project of mine - ancient naval! Always wanted to do this, so I am pretty stoked to get an awesome mat to go with the project. Way better than just a solid blue piece of felt!

In other news, I am trying to get back in to finishing up my last DBA campaign - Rome and the Gauls! It's been a while and I really want to get back to working on my campaign rules. Should be interesting after all this time has gone by.

Anyway, glad to get back to posting something on here and plan on doing more.

Till next time,


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Plans for the NEW Year

Well, after some adventures with my Napoleonics (which I am quite happy with at the moment) I am itching to get going with some plans for my ancients hobby. First up I have quite a ways to go expanding my Gaul and Polybian Roman armies. I try and add a new unit for both every week or so, and so far so good. The painting continues.

Some of my completed ancient armies.
Hosting some LIVE plays over on the Tabletop Commanders has been a blast. Recently I did some Blucher games and learned a lot about how to improve the quality of the videos. For those not in the know, a LIVE play is a game session played LIVE over Google+ Hangouts. For more on this check out the Tabletop Commanders link here on my blog. Anyway, I will be planning a Basic Impetvs battle next month for everyone. Been a while since I last played this awesome system. Although L'Art de la Guerre  is my rules of choice for ancients wargaming, Impetvs will always have a place on my bookshelf. Regardless, stay tuned for that as I will have more information on the details of the event - and results - later.
Another thing I want to finish is my last DBA campaign between the Gauls and the Romans. If you check my past posts here on the blog you will notice I never got around to finishing that last campaign - I think we did two battles so far? Anyway, I definitely want to pick that up soon as well. That campaign, by the way, is a playtest of our two-player campaign rules we have been working on. You can find the latest version of that in the files section here on the blog.

As far as what NEW projects I want to get to this year, I am not so sure. My options are plentiful, that's for sure. I still want to build some NEW armies for the early dark ages, as well as some early Greek stuff. However, first up will be the period that has my attention the most, which is the early republican Roman ear. I already have a start on Later Seleucids and Numidians, two armies which I will be expanding soon. Carthaginians and more Successors (Ptolemaics and/or Macedonians?) will eventually be in the works as well. But again, my hands are full with my current plans, so I will not get ahead of myself yet. Oh, and there is of course my massive re-basing of my Feudal English armies as well! As many of you might know, all these miniatures were mounted for Impetvs. However, I have since lost faith with that mounting system - the bases are just too big and clumsy for me as I like lots of terrain on the table. SO now I am re-basing everything over to the DBx standard. This will take some time.

King Henry III of England: mounted and ready for battle!

Some of my Impetvs based feudal English in need of re-basing.

So there it is; plans for the year - or at least the coming few months. I hope you all stay tuned as I get more and more done and add some awesome content to the blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Wargaming Life, Ancients!

If you haven't heard of the *NEW* My Wargaming Life website - started and run by wargamers - then you must have a look. This site is fantastic, allowing those who sign up to the site to upload pics, leave comments, and join the forums. Full of like-minded wargamers of all genres. What is nice about the group is that it is divided up in to separate sub-groups for different periods or genres of miniatures wargaming. Two such groups I have listed below along with the links to get there: the Ancients  and the DBA Gamers groups - both of which I currently admin.

Defffinately worth signing up and getting involved directly with supporting the ancients wargaming community. Of course, there are plenty of other groups to join as well on the site - such as Flames of War, WW II, Napoleonics, 10mm, 6mm, the Black Powder Challenge '15, and more.
My Wargaming Life (Ancients)

My Wargaming Life (DBA Gamers)
My Wargaming Life (DBA Gamers)

Monday, August 17, 2015

DBA & L'Art de la Guerre with the Tabletop Commanders!

Had an enjoyable day a couple weeks back with the online wargaming group, The Tabletop Commanders. We managed to get in a couple battles featuring the Gauls and Polybian Romans (my favorites). We had three player's in all - not including myself. I managed to pull off a win with my ancient Gauls. Pretty fun battle really. I was able to break through the left flank of the Roman battle line with a powerful (and lucky) charge.

In addition, last week saw up having a go with the L'Art de la Guerre rules as well. I again played in this one - I was the host. I managed a victory once again, although this time I won with the Seleucids v. the army of Gaul. Very fun.

Both sessions above were LIVE on Google Hangouts of course. If you want to watch the events, check out the Tabletop Commanders Playlist below. The playlist is updated soon after each event..

Tabletop Commanders LIVE

If you have yet to play on-line, I highly recommend giving it a try. All you need is Google Hangouts, a webcam -  if you want to host a game - and you are all set. If interested in joining up, contact me.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

L'Art, DBA, and Soldiers of God!

Had a wonderful time this week learning the L'Art de la Guerre rules. Played a full battle using 100 pt armies and it was a blast; a very tactical and challenging game to say the least. All in all it is safe to say that L'Art is now my "go-to" set of ancients rules for my ancient battles, second only to DBA. DBA of course is what it is... a great game that can be played with small armies on a limited space, and this is where it shines best. So therefore expect plenty more content with DBA. However, for the more 'gritty' type battles, larger, and with lots of detail, at the moment that belongs to L'Art. So both rules will be my focus at the moment. However, I will be looking back into DBMM as well, especially later this year when we can get our hands on the new version of the rules and army lists! I still feel that DBMM is one of the best sets of rules (and most realistic) out there for ancients.

Another set of rules I intend to re-visit is Impetvs, a long time favorite of mine. However, I am NOT a fan of its basing system (SHUDDDDDER) because the bases are too damn big; best played on a smooth, flat surface, which I am not keen on; I like lots of random terrain in my battles. However, I am waiting till later this year for the release of the NEW Basic Impetvs rules - yes they may actually be PUBLISHED! Hopeful Baroque and Impetvs II will follow soon after (next year?!). Regardless, expect some Impetvs content as well in the future.

With all that said, I think at the moment I know where I am sitting regarding what rules I will be using for the time being: L'Art is great for a deep, detailed battle (which I love), and DBA allows for ease of play with ANY size battle. Both are tops in my book, each deserving of my serious attention. So, we shall see what happens in the coming months if my attitude changes.

One more thing I should note is that I will be trying out Warwick Kinrade's new set of rules for the Crusades - Soldiers of God! These rules look really fun and historical. I imagine they have a lot of 'feel' for the period as well. Being deck driven is another plus as well. Anyway, I should have these rules in my hands in a matter of days now (tomorrow?). After a good look I will be plotting out some playtests. Of course, I will need to get my Feuadals based up! I also have NO arabs to fight for the Muslim cause, so I am gonna have to plan out some figure buys over the coming weeks. Full details to follow.