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Battle Reports (WoS)

Here is a collection of battle reports and AAR that I have done. Some of these are write-up, others YouTube BatReps. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for lots more BatReps for the period (and more); I won't be posting all of them here.

Mighty Armies!
Medieval BatRep using the Mighty Armies : Ancients rules.
This AAR is located on My *FoW* Madness blog and opens in a NEW window.

DBA 3: First Blood! (Part One)
Polybian Rome vs. Later Seleucid (II/19c)
First game with the NEW 3.0 version of the rules.
DBA 3: First Blood! (Part Two)
Part two to our DBA 3 first experience. Same armies, different battle.

DBA Capaign Report I (Part One)
DBA Campaign Weekend: Seleucids (Defender) vs. Polybian Romans (Invader). A short two player campaign testing out some rules we threw together - a work in progress. Rules will be up in the WoS Files section soon.
DBA Campaign Report I (Part Two)
Part two to Campaign Report I.
DBA Campaign Report I (Part Three)
Part three to Campaign Report I.
DBA Campaign Report I (Part Four - Final)

DBA Campaign II: Rome & the Gauls! (Part One)
Our second campaign using our own (simple) rules. This time the Polybian Romans (invader) face off against the Gauls (defending there own piece of Roman land). Again, this is another play-test of our rules adding a few new and interesting tid-bits.

Impetvs: Battle of the Flatts!
Full Impetvs BatRep. 13th C. England during the Baron's Revolt.

Or, click here for the  Alternate version featuring different music! :)

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