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Monday, March 2, 2015

A Day with DBA: PART TWO!

Had another battle of DBA 3.0 on Sunday. Another fantastic game with lots of intensity. This one lasted a little longer than the previous battle as the battle raged back and forth late in the game.

The Romans once again await the oncoming Seleucids.

 Once again the Romans held firm and let the Seleucids make the first move. Not a bad idea really, as the Roman left was anchored on a (bad going) woods.

The Seleucids advanced their "shock" elephants and scythed chariot (center) separately from the pikes so as not to slow the advance. However, low pips resulted in a piecemeal advance regardless.

The Seleucid pikes and the Roman heavy infantry fought long along the
road, neither side gaining advantage till the end of the day.

 The Roman left clashed with the advancing pikes. This was a sea-saw battle with neither side gaining advantage till late in the battle.

The battle in the center was risky business for both sides. The Seleucids threw their elephant and scythed chariot into the Romans who managed to halt them (destroying the chariot). The Roman spears helped out a lot here. However, early on the elephants routed the Roman Aux. troops who were sent to slow them.

The Roman General committing to the battle to hold the center with his veterans.

Late in the battle the Romans were two elements down; the Seleucids down three (not including the scythed chariot). In the final bound the Seleucids made a mistake by breaking up their Pike elements to prevent the legionaries from flanking them. However this ended up with the piles losing an element! The Seleucids had no choice at this point but to try and take out two Roman elements to send the battle in to another bound (both sides would be at four elements lost if the Seleucids could pull that off). Throwing their elephants at the Roman light troops on the right , as well as their cataphracts (who could NOT break through the Roman center), proved of no avail. The battle ended in a Roman Victory! REVENGE for the previous battle lost.

The Roman General stands firm in the face of enemy Cataphracts!

Final loses were Romans THREE; Seleucids FOUR (FIVE including the scythed chariot). Great fun. A fast but intense test of wills!

I have to admit, we made a few mistakes with the rules this time around. Most of those were regarding getting my head wrapped around some of the new rules (like alignment, etc.). I will be ready next time :) Been a while since I have played a DBx game.

The end of the battle! The Romans held firm and withstood the Assault of the Seleucids.


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