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Friday, March 6, 2015

DBA Campaign and Some Gauls on the Way!

This weekend we are planning a little mini-campaign of sorts using DBA. This will be a five battle mini-campaign using rules of our own creation (very simple ladder-style campaign). Of course I will be taking charge of my Romans once again squaring off against those nasty Seleucids with their elephants, chariots, and other silly-ness. Anyway, it should be fun. Haven't had much time for hobby activities as of late, but DBA is so easy and manageable - a campaign in an afternoon! Go figure. I'll be sure to post some pics and perhaps more write-ups as well. We shall see.

Started work on a new Gaul army for DBA 3.0. So far a nice mix of Essex and Old Glory all primed up, de-flashed, etc. Been putting this army off for years and thanks to DBA 3.0 I am finally getting around to completing it. This will be a nice army to add to my current mix - focusing on the conflicts of the early to mid-republic Rome.

Some of the Gauls primed and ready for painting.

Seleucids advance on the Romans!


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this...Ian

  2. I am looking forward to having another go! :) Oh... I sent you an email Ian. Check it out.