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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Playing Some L'Art de la Guerre ...

Spent the last couple day's finally testing out the L'Art de la Guerre ("L'Art") ancients rules. Taking me a bit wrapping my head around some of the movement rules, which is otherwise a pretty straight forward game system.

The mechanics are pretty straight forward, a good "grainy" feel to them for those looking for more detail compared to DBA. At the same time the game flows very fast. Combats can be very quick and brutal - even considering the "cohesion" rule that keeps units on the table until they reach a certain loss in cohesion - 2-4 points in general. The movement section takes the longest to play out - at least for a newbie to the rules like myself.

All in all I am liking the rules. I have been looking for a good set which is a step up from DBA (which remains my favorite so far - at least for small and FAST games). DBMM and Impetvs still attract me as well. Which reminds me, if you like Impetvs, you may very well like these rules as well - much of Impetvs was drawn from concepts in these rules.


  1. Had a quick flick through the book earlier, liked what I saw and the little bits that I read, need to sit down and go through it page by page. Nice to see you have some figures on the table and are giving it a go.

    1. Thanks Ian. Had a couple short games so far. At this pont I am setting up a small 100 point battle (about as small as the rules allow). So far I like them. They have aspects I enjoy such as allowing for larger battles. Combat mechanics are FAST. Movement is tricky and it took me a few re-reads to get to grips. Lemme know how you yourself get along with them. I think 6mm scale would be perfect with these rules.