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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

L'Art de la Guerre is on the Way!

Been having an itch to give L'Art de la Guerre a test run. Have been giving ancients a break the past couple months whilst I do other things. One rules set I am itching to try is L'Art de la guerre. I did a fist look video on these rules a few months back and have only recently got around to giving them a good read through. - which I am still doing at the moment. However, I am eager to set up some miniatures and run through some test runs. Perhaps I can get to that by next week, Right now my games table is covered with panzergrenadiers, Shermans and of course a robust looking TIGER!

More to follow - including some pics  of my LarT play tests :)

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  1. Kurtus, after watching your video and reading your blog, I picked up a copy of these rules at the Joy of Six event yesterday. Not had a chance to read them yet, nor do I have any armies, but look forward to seeing what you do with them.