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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Gauls Have Arrived!

Finally finished off a DBA army of Gauls this week. All in time for our next DBA campaign this weekend. I had been working on these little guys for a few weeks now in between all my other projects. They are all done now except for some chariots I want to complete and add as an option later.

Gauls poor from the wood. I still have some shields I want to decorate. Good enough for now.

The army here is complete except for the chariot options and some "fast" warband. Out of all the warbands I have for this army, only two elements are "fast", the rest being "solid". I would like to field more and am planning on adding a dozen more "fast" warbands in the future. My goal is to get this army up to Big Battle DBA standards, so I have plenty of room to expand and experiment with element types along the way. This of course will also help me get ready for some test battles using the LADG rules which I am also eager to have a go with. For now, these guys will do.

A village burns on the left as the Romans prepare a defense against the rush.

Not bad over-all. Still have some touching up and some details to add.

I am eager to see how well this army performs in the new v3 DBA rules. With an abundance of cavalry and "solid" warbands I am thinking they should do pretty well against my Polybians. With another playtest of our campaign rules (we added some new goodies to it) coming up this weekend it should be both fun and interesting. We shall see.

The temple looks pretty good. Perhaps I wash will be next for it to tone it down a bit.

Also last week I finished off that Greek temple -makes a great "enclave" in DBA - I have been working on. It Looks pretty good considering it was made out of simple card, plastic straws, and a piece of foam for the dome. I used a 20mm plastic figure for the statue. Quite pleased with the overall look. I may add a wash to it to darken it up a bit. Next up I will be making some Greek houses and some huts (for the Gauls).

The clash is about to occur. Will the Romans do as good against the hordes of Gaul as they did against the Seleucids?

Next up I want to finish off some Numidian allies for my Romans so they have some light cavalry options in future battles. This will help me get a start on my Numidian army as well.


  1. Great looking Gauls Kurtus, and nice Roman army as well...

  2. Thanks Phil. Quite eager to try these two out against each other.