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Monday, February 23, 2015

Introduction to the Wall of Shields

Well, here it is: The Wall of Shields! Everything about my wargaming the era of the sword and shield.

If you already follow some of my other blogs you will be quite familiar with my format. This is basically where I log all my hobby activity from making terrain, testing rules, battle reports, posting pictures and painting information, etc. Of course there isn't a whole lot here at the moment, but that will be changing very shortly as I add content.

I have been playing wargames set in the era o the sword a& shield or a long time. However, over the years I have managed to focus my attention on the periods that interest me the most. AT the moment the Dark Ages are o great interest to me. O course the battles and wars o the Romans and Greeks is always fascinating as well.

Anyway, I am sure this blog will be of some use or interest to wargamers out there. I do post many battle reports on my YouTube channel, as well as doing full write-ups. My tinkering with all kinds of sets of rules may as well be of some interest. I hope to give not only reviews of some of these rules, but also give a run-down on what rules I myself prefer and use more often than others. At the moment all I will say is that I am a huge fan of the *NEW* DBA 3.0 rules. I can remember playing these back in the version 1. days. This version has captured my attention once again. There are other rules out there as well I will be trying and reporting on.


  1. Well I appear to have been invited now Kurtus, the site looks very impressive...Ian